Branded Merchandise

Brymark has been reinventing branded promotional merchandise for thousands of clients since 1978 – you can bet we’ve got a track record in your industry. From clothing to technology, from housewares to healthcare, we know how to partner the right products with the right market – and give it our unique creative spin for maximum impact!

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Eco-Friendly, Health Conscious and Situationally Aware

When it comes to products that move away from the everyday and the ordinary, Brymark will find the right solution for you, even when you have very specific requirements. For the sake of our health and yours, we work hard to ensure that our products are always free from harmful materials like lead or bisphenol-A. We keep track of the latest industry testing on what is healthy in terms of materials for our products.

We also share a concern for our planet and its continued well-being. We know how to create and source products made from renewable resources like bamboo, organically grown products, and products that creatively promote your organization while making it easier to lead a sustainable lifestyle. After all, we want healthy bodies and a healthy planet to live in too!

Brymark does not knowingly participate in any kind of commerce that uses unfair or inhumane labour practices. We believe that a great product should not come with a human price tag attached to it.

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Corporate Gifts

When it comes to gifts for your clients or business partners, Brymark has access to exclusive brands with that “wow!” factor. From a basket of holiday treats to prestige items made of leather or precious metals for those on you “A” list, Brymark will help you say “thank you” in a unique and special way. These items can be directly branded with your logo, or accompanied by a tasteful printed personal message. Brymark’s expertise will help you find an individual unit that underscores the special level of your business relationship, or facilitate a broader stroke “thank you” that is distributed across a large number of people. No matter the occasion or season, Brymark can find the item to make this gesture special, heart-felt and memorable.

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Corporate Apparel

Flattering, fun and functional, Brymark’s wide assortment of apparel styles includes something for every workplace environment and every style. From professional uniforms like scrubs, to dress shirts, embroidered company shirts, sporty clothing, outerwear, leisure clothing and hats – we’ve got you covered. Don’t forget about those extra special items in leather, suede or from highly-desired brands like Adidas, Nike, Tommy Hilfinger, and Roots. What a special way to underscore an event or reward a company or individual achievement! Remember that the traditional t-shirt done up to support your event or marketing campaign is still one of the most engaging and endearing items in your company’s culture. We’ll make you look like a team – and we can make that team sharply dressed. The rest is up to you!

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Conferences, Events, and Trade Shows

We have everything you need to grab attention and stay top of mind in crowded exhibition environments. From branded apparel for staff to booth visuals to memorable giveaways, Brymark’s got everything you need! From purpose-driven to fun, complimentary to one-of-a-kind; we have what you need to add limelight stealing pizazz to your event!

If you’re hosting the event, we can also help you “dress” the facilities for success. Decorations (balloons, streamers, table covers, signage), support materials (lanyards, padfolios, pens, ID bracelets, signage, booths, tents) and memorabilia (mugs, glasses and awards) are all available from Brymark – a full one-stop support partner for anything you are participating in or putting on.

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Lead Generation

Promotional items can be a highly effective part of your lead generation campaigns, with measurable results – an essential for times when the bottom line is often the decision maker. Brymark will help you break through the clutter and influence those highly qualified leads.

How do we do it?

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Business Growth

One size does not necessarily fit all! No matter where you are on your business growth journey, Brymark can speak your language and find effective and appropriate products that will get you to the next step. Consolidating your brand, for example, is an important move in showing professionalism and organization: Brymark can bring your brand assets under one roof for consistency and efficiency.

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Showing competitive edge is important as you grow – promotional products are a cost-effective way to announce your arrival, to announce your successes, and to show your clients, your employees, and your prospects that you’re on the right track!

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Rewards, Incentives and Loyalty

Retaining your employees is becoming harder than ever: the challenge lies not just in keeping your top employees, but getting the rest to emulate them as well! Bringing out the best in your employees can be as simple as saying “thank you”, but often more is needed to recognize truly outstanding service. Rewards (especially the hottest new brand name consumer products) say “thank you” in a tangible way. Brymark knows what will work for your reward program – they can often have multiple levels of reward for different levels of service (for example, 2 years, 5 years, 10 years, etc.). Brymark can also create an eStore that will allow employees to browse through various rewards and select their favourite!

When you need exquisitely made awards to thank employees at a company event, Brymark’s experience will help you create an unforgettable moment for your entire company.

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